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George Furlanetto

George Furlanetto George Furlanetto George Furlanetto

My life path towards musical instrument construction was directed by a combination of a friend's introduction to guitar playing at the age of 16, and the inheritance of my father's craftsmanship & my mother's musical talent.

I gained a vast amount of knowledge in guitar design & construction by doing repairs for a local guitar shop from 1969 to 1976. During this time, a pivotal encounter with Froc Filipetti led me to building my own guitars, eventually establishing F-Instruments in 1978. Our goal was to make unique, ergonomic instruments with aesthetic appeal and the best possible sounds.

The F-Bass design has continually improved since the 70's. The original design was based on classic basses; however, the lines were changed to obtain access to the higher frets while retaining the playability and perfecting the balance.

Another key association began in 1983 with renowned bass player Alain Caron. I was deeply impressed with his playing technique and technical knowledge. He is one of the most active promoters of F-Bass and has become an invaluable asset in the development of F-Basses.

When I design an instrument, I take into account all the facets that play a large part in the completed design. The look, feel and sound are all given great and detailed attention. One aspect cannot suffer at the expense of another. I have achieved a look that is totally new and individual, but still retain the classic lines. The sound is continually affected by the design, changes in the construction or by the choice of woods used. The artistry comes in the assembly of these various components, in balance, to achieve the ultimate instrument. My continuing focus is to improve upon current designs through research and development, build prototypes, interact with various players & customers, and to attain an array of dealers to expand sales internationally.

I occasionally play with a local band with which I have been a member for the past 20 years.

I will probably have a chisel in my hands until I can no longer hold one.

George Furlanetto