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F Bass Testimonials

Stuart Fortune

Well, after some 32 years of playing bass I think I've finally found the basses I've always been looking for! I know that I had already mentioned to you that I believe my VF5 to be the best 5 string bass I've ever played but wow, this VF4 is truly a wonderful instrument. I can't believe the variation that you can get from it, just leaving it in passive mode and tweaking the tone. It's a really really beautiful passive bass without even getting in to the active EQ. I'm tempted to just leave it permanently passive (you really can't beat it sometimes). Simply an amazing bass!

So after all these years of searching, I am now totally convinced that these really are the finest basses money can buy!

Mike P

I have recently purchased a used Fbass (very cool looking), and have to say that this is an AMAZING bass guitar…thank you for creating these!

Phillip Morino

This bass is excellent. The neck is very comfortable...even more so than the ______ neck I was using. I was waiting until I played the bass for a week or so to get back to you, but I really knew it was going to work out immediatley...anyway its already been out on a few jobs and my hand feels great.

I know I have thanked you a few times again & again for your excellent work and professionalism. This is a powerful instrument you have designed. The only thing close to getting a focused open tone like your basses is ______ but those are extremely pricey and the wait is over a year.

I will definitely be getting another instrument from you in the future...I'd be interested in one of those smokin' fretlesses you are building.

Karel Honasan

Wow, thanks so much for adding me to your gallery. I love your instruments!! More power to you guys working hard at Fbass!!

Tristan Martin

I have gone through literally 10 basses in the last 2 years trying to find THE sound for me. To be honest I never really considered F bass in the past because I have never been a bolt on neck guy; however, the other day I was down in Seattle at Bass Northwest (I am from chilliwack, BC) and heard somebody playing one of your basses from across the room. I went over to check it out and I was blown away by the BN5s ability to get vintage, modern and great pick sounds all in the same bass, and the fretless version just threw me for a loop. F bass is the tone and feel I have been looking for since I started playing!

Fergus Chow

I'm a bass player originally from Toronto. I've been playing bass for 4 years and have been a proud owner of a BN5 for a little over a year. When I first started playing bass I was lucky enough to work closely with very talented bass players (Calvin Beale, Mike Ferfolia, Dan Coniglio, Rich Brown) just to name a few, I believe you know them personally as well? Anyway, I remember playing Calvin's BN5 for the first time several years ago and the sound blew me away! Ever since then I've been working very hard on my skill to the point where I could justify owning such a prestigious instrument.

Long story short, I decided to move to Hong Kong to further my music career and since then, everything has been going very well. I am currently working as an arranger/producer and player for many major Hong Kong labels, Live Shows and Television Broadcasts. I am proud to say that I use the Fbass for EVERYTHING. The tone is so versatile and it sits well in any environment. Since I've moved to Hong Kong (Last March) I've recorded close to 50 songs for local pop artists, I've played on nearly 30 Stadium shows and have done countless commercial music... All with the Fbass!

Ok George, I've taken up enough of your time. I just wanted to personally thank you and let you know how much your instrument has influenced my playing and shaped my career.

PS. I've heard good things from the boys back home about the VF5 21Fret, I plan to make that my next bass... :D Expect an order soon!!

Douglas L. Coppock