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Joe Cleveland

Joseph Cleveland was born and raised within a heavily influenced musical lifestyle. Growing up in church, Joseph watched his parents, Alfonzo and Lori, serve in the music ministry every week. This presented him the opportunity to gig consistently at just 13 years old and it didn't take long to realize music was his life's calling.

Joe's success with his high school choir and musicals eventually lead to a full tuition scholarship at Berklee College of Music. There, he was a part of the Stevie Wonder, Chaka Khan, Aretha Franklin, and Marvin Gaye ensembles. Though his favorite ensemble was under the direction of Alain Mallet, who directed the Paul Simon and Sting ensembles. He also enjoyed working with Jetro DaSilva while at Berklee.

At 19 Joe's tours began to pick up steam and he landed touring gigs with singers Brandy (R&B) and Ciara (R&B / Hip Hop), K-Pop artists Big Bang and Taeyang, and he also made a Jimmy Kimmel appearance with rapper MGK (Machine Gun Kelly). Joe currently plays for Deitrick Haddon, Jodeci, and pop/soul icon Rita Ora. Born on December 22nd, 1992, puts Joe at just 23 years there will certainly be plenty-o-gigs to come!

"The best thing about my BN5, and all F Basses for that matter, is the tone! I have never had a problem recording and the front of house engineers love how clearly my bass cuts" - Joe Cleveland

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