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F Speaker Cabinets join the F Bass arsenal

August 4, 2012

F Speaker Cabinets join the F Bass arsenal Additional Pictures F Speaker Cabinets join the F Bass arsenal F Speaker Cabinets join the F Bass arsenal F Speaker Cabinets join the F Bass arsenal F Speaker Cabinets join the F Bass arsenal F Speaker Cabinets join the F Bass arsenal
The plan when approaching the design of our speaker cabinet was to install conventional American made, heavy duty, ceramic magnet drivers into the smallest yet strongest tuned reflex boxes possible. After years of R&D and fine tuning we’re happy to announce the release of our first official bass cab!

As bass players we’ve always favoured the sound, power and performance of conventional magnet drivers but have never been fans of the weight. Our boxes were designed just big enough to house the drivers and a side positioned horn tweeter (controlled by a crossover) and were constructed using 3/4" thick poplar cored plywood reinforced with pine bracing. For the front we used 3/4” Birch plywood to support the heavy drivers and added four inches of sound insulation to quiet any overtones.

Computer software was used to calculate net volumes and introduce the correct number, volume and length of reflex porting to suit the low frequencies produced by our basses. The first port exits through the rear of the cab while the other down-fires from the bottom to produce thick yet defined low-end from this little guy. The cab also features a novel “kick-back” system for easy monitoring of your stage sound and to reduce stage resonance if required.

All F Bass cabinets are clad in black carpet and include black protective corners, feet for upright and side stacking, a tough 18 gauge powder coated front grille and of course our renowned “F Bass” logo in brushed alloy. The cab can sit singularly on it’s edge or mount horizontally on a sister cab.

Now you can get tons of on-stage power, volume, and low end from a tight package that’s small enough to take just about anywhere.

A million thanks to our friends at Jo Bassi Engineering (in particular designer and F Bass player Ian Taylor) for making our dream cab a reality!

F Bass 2X10H Cabinet (Specs & Price)

Made in Canada
Retail Price: $ 750 USD

2 x 10" 400W (800W Peak) USA made Heavy-Duty Ceramic Drivers
200 Watt (400W Peak) Horn Tweeter
Two way crossover

4 Ohms

400 Watt Continuous
800 Watt Peak

Response 40Hz - 25kHz
Sensitivity 103dB (1W@1m)

Speakon Connectors
1/4" Output Connectors
Black “Ozite” Carpet Finish.
Black strap handle
2 x Hinging Steel/Plastic “kick-back” handles
18 Gauge Powder coated protective Steel Grill
1" Feet

22.25"h x 13.25"w x 16.00"d
Weight approx: 44 lbs

To order please contact us:
By phone: 905-522-1582
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