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40th Anniversary PJ

January 18, 2018

40th Anniversary PJ Additional Pictures 40th Anniversary PJ 40th Anniversary PJ 40th Anniversary PJ 40th Anniversary PJ 40th Anniversary PJ 40th Anniversary PJ 40th Anniversary PJ
2018 marks our 40th Anniversary, and we're excited to announce our limited run of 4 String PJ's based off of the first ever fretted F Bass.

These will be crafted, signed, and numbered by owner/founder George Furlanetto.

-New body shape that amalgamates the aesthetics of the original '78 and comfort & balance of modern F Basses
-African Mahogany body with a Northern Ash tone block and Ebony veneers
-Extended range 24 fret Mac Ebony Fingerboard with 40th Anniversary lion inlay (homage to the original '78)
-5pc Hardrock Canadian Maple Neck with Wenge stringers
-Aguilar 4P-60 & 4J-HC pickups
-F Bass preamp
-Hipshot Kickass bridge with Brass saddles
-Finished in a hand-rubbed oil
-Includes a new Deluxe Gig Bag, exclusive to only this PJ and F Basses with the the Deluxe Humbucking Package

-The African Mahogany produces a warm “woody” tone with a very strong midrange.
-The Ash tone block and Mac Ebony fingerboard tighten up the big bottom end and ensure the sweet top end is articulate and can bite when asked.
-The 3pc body, 5pc neck, and Hipshot Kickass bridge with Brass saddles give us a healthy amount of compression - which translates to a focused tone with amazing sustain.
-The Aguilar pickups are our favourite vintage repros made with Heavy Formvar wire and Alnico V magnets. The P pickup is big, round, and wooly with just the right amount of midrange honk to cut through a mix. The bridge pickup is clear and aggressive and responds well to playing dynamics.
-The F Bass preamp has been developed over nearly three decades and is as transparent as they come. With all of the effort that goes into the design and sourcing of high-end materials, the last thing we want to do is colour with funky you can boost the lows, mids, and highs without altering the inherent tonal characteristics.

Retail is $4950 USD, but please contact your favourite F Bass dealer for their current selling price. If your State/Country isn't supported by a dealer, you may order directly from F Bass via email at or by phone at 905-522-1582.

We'll be accepting pre-orders until March 1st, 2018. We do anticipate demand on this limited 40th Anniversary PJ and may need to begin the second half in the summer. So if you'd like yours asap, please place your order as soon as you can to reserve your place in March production.